Hi, I'm Amanda

Over and over, I get asked how did I get started? Be it a project or entrepreneurship, others want to know how they can begin their journey. For those starting or in business they want to collaborate on sorting through the chaos, the frustration. This is the how and why.

You can start too, and I share exactly how that happens.

Several years ago, I took a leap to combine my passion for entrepreneurship and creative projects into a business. From creating designs to speaking engagements and learning new systems, I have had to do it all. Funny thing about owning your own business is that no one tells you that you have to do those things, which is why I am here! It takes time, perseverance and a bit of heartache. I have been through the iterations and love what I do whether it is creating or even doing the business part.


Learn to work the machines, software, materials and differences in processes.


Project tutorials and ideas from beginning to end product.  


Organization techniques, how I started, and the why to some of the most asked questions.

Want a few tools to help you along in your journey?

This is what happens. You casually post something you made, #howcute! A friend writes back, ADORABLE, I need one! And, now what do you do?  What color? What size? Do I even give them those options? How much do I charge?

Let me just wrap it up for you. I am going to give you the questions to ask for a shirt order and washing instructions for follow up.

Don’t leave something out! Let’s go!

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    I am a creator, I am a collector. Just ask my family, my storage boxes have storage boxes, meaning I like to organize if organizing means putting things in multiple little boxes. See where I am going here?

    This is my collection and organization of so many things, from items to make to instructional content to blogging about business, that is what you are going to find here.

    Learn a New Skill


    Got a new Cricut or afraid to take your new Silhouette out of the box?


    Learn about different software systems and design techniques.


    Want to make colorful designs on a variety of media?

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