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Hi, I'm Amanda

The most common question I get asked is how did I get started? Be it a project or entrepreneurship, others want to know how to begin. For those already in business, they want to collaborate on sorting through the chaos, the frustration. This is the how and why.

Whether you are starting or already on your path, here I share my journey.

Several years ago, I took a larger leap to combine my passion for entrepreneurship and creative projects into a business. I had already been consulting for many years, but this was a business that was my own. For one reason or another, other businesses stemmed from the one. From creating designs to speaking engagements and learning new systems, I have had to do it all. It takes time, perseverance and a bit or a lot of heartache. I have been through the iterations.

I love what I do whether it is taking care of business, creating or creating business(es)!

Associated Companies

aka how I make money

I am a creator, I am a collector. Just ask my family, my storage boxes have storage boxes, meaning I like to organize if organizing means putting things in multiple little boxes. See where I am going here?

This is my collection and organization of so many things, I call it my carefully curated collection of things. From items to make to instructional content to blogging about business, that is what you are going to find here.


Techniques, processes, best practices and helpful hints and tools.


Project tutorials and ideas from beginning to end product.  


My calendar, portfolio and interesting life events.

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