About Us

We are on a Mission

To provide opportunities to create, develop skills (educate), spark connections and engage in meaningful social interactions through crafting workshops (events) that empower individuals and strengthen communities.

Our Vision

To establish communities where people create, practicing creativity and developing innovation, in order to gain confidence, provide for themselves, enrich their lives and the lives within their community.



We believe in the power of creativity to transform lives and bring people together.


We value inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration in all aspects of our business. We strive to make crafting accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation or physical abilities.


We aim to empower individuals to express themselves creatively and make a positive impact on the world around them.

Bring JOY

Our life enrichment activities are most valuable when participants feel connected and contributory to their community and the world around them. Not only does this foster self-worth, but their knowledge, skills, and abilities are appreciated by others.


2 SPRK began in several iterations. In 2016, Amanda Maxwell started a craft store. The craft store hosted multiple events throughout the year for both education and fun. Crafting meant so much more to so many people than just creating an object. Crafting is a skill that must be practiced. Crafting is the art of making and to many, like me, this was their income or their side hustle to afford things their family needs. The craft store closed its doors during COVID/ 2020 as well as many of those side businesses. Amanda though continued providing workshops and events.

In 2021, during the time of COVID, many senior living communities had not even opened their doors back up. We began an initiative to bring creative interactions back and began including these facilities in the venture. As more facilities signed on to the program, the need became apparent. People needed the ability to interact and create but few facilities had the ability to meet those needs. 2 SPRK, the non-profit, was born to fulfill this need, and others, and address this gap in our communities. 

Meet Our Staff

Amanda Maxwell

Executive & Creative Officer

Michael Dowdell

Development Officer

Our Board

Brian Maxwell

Lexana Maxwell

Abbe Youngblood