Providing educational workshops in a variety of settings

Our classes range from practicing creativity to learning computer applications and machines to how to communicate, production, and sustainability.

Designing these days not only requires a critical eye but technical and application knowledge.

Whether it is learning a new skill or practicing those already acquired, our workshops allow participants to dive into the science of the how and why. So much of art and design requires understanding science and math.

Innovation requires creativity. Creativity requires practice. Learning the art of innovation and how to create viable solutions is essential to all communities. It’s a mix of crafting and engineering, utilizing principles that students know to create something new.

Selling and making a business takes knowledge and risks. Learning how to take your creations from thought stage to sellable product means understanding logistics to laws to accounting and marketing principles. In our entrepreneurship workshops, we use our crafts to learn the principles of business in a most exciting way!

Workshops that come to you!

We bring our workshops to your location or many can be accessed online.

 Sometimes, we even bring out the big vehicle!

Assisted Needs

Our assisted needs workshops are tailored to the group and targeted to provide modifications necessary to skillfully complete the craft. Some of the modifications include repetitive instruction, hands-on assistance, appropriately scaled items (may be larger or smaller depending on the need), and other adaptations. 

Creativity, like beauty, can be found in simple things like color choice and pattern usage. 

Celebrate that creativity and find the beauty in the everyday!


Fast Crafts: a craft project that can be completed in a minimal amount of time, may be seated or standing

Craft Bar: very fast crafts typically set up for a fair or show, participants are usually standing

Workshop: a gathering of crafters to work on a single or individual projects, may or may not be instructor led