Why We Do What We Do

An assisted living community that had been on lockdown since the pandemic was in need of a bonding event for residents and their families. The community put on a Fall Fair. We were invited to participate to assist residents in creating small crafts. Residents were delighted with their creations.

O. was a new resident at the assisted living center. Her memory was failing her, and she was a little lost at the new facility. After a couple of months, O. was still having a difficult time and visited our craft event. O. was not a crafter previously. But there, O. met her community residents and found a renewed sense of purpose. O. loved crafting so much, she sent after a list of supplies. Now, O. is a returning crafter at our events and invites residents into her room to show off her new creations.

D. suffered from memory loss but as an artist, enjoyed crafting. She was increasingly frustrated at not being able to remember the smallest of things. We modified our events so Dory could follow along at every step. D. became a regular and often told us how much she looked forward to seeing us again. Sometimes, we would have to find her in her room or make a special note on her phone to remind her of the event.

Many residents in assisted care facilities are living on reduced or no wages. They cannot purchase gifts for loved ones at the holidays. With a few supplies, we teach residents skills in order to craft a wonderful holiday gift and treasure. The residents are thankful to have a small gift for the family and friends. Families are overjoyed at not only receiving a special gift but having something created by their loved one.

The school year was about to begin and teachers needed to decorate their rooms for the start of the year. We put craft kits together and allowed for teachers to be nominated (and self-nominated) to receive the kits.