Vinyl Collectors

There are several ways to collect weeded vinyl from jumping back into your design. Here are a few of our favorites:

Just use tape: It’s, cheap, effective and keeps it all in one place. OK, moving on.

I don't know what this looks like to you, but this is a weeding ring!

The Weeding Ring: Repurposed from the nail salon, this ring will hold your smallest scraps. And with the silicone top, it grabs the pieces ever so gently

Repurposed Cleaning Containers: With these plastic lids, these babies can hold a bunch of scraps minus the cleaning wipes. Better than that, they are free when you have already used the wipes. Wipe on!

My favorite comes from the land of snacks: This handy container holds a bit of everything. With the swirled top, your pieces are sure to come off. The only issue here is the price tag, coming in at just under $10 for the pair.