What’s Your Dream?

It is the opening line to a ’90s movie. Can you name it? If you need another hint, here is the rest of it,

"Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin' - this is Hollywood."


It is one of my all-time favorites, Pretty Woman. My best friend and I used to sit around quoting every word. Recently, I had this question proposed to me, “what’s your dream?” And, I have to tell you, it was difficult, really difficult, to formulate my dream. Have I become so old that I no longer have dreams and aspirations? Have I become so jaded that I can no longer verbally commit to a dream because I know the hurdles that stand in my way? I still have goals, right? Well, yes, I do have goals. I am in business so ask me about 3 and 5 year plans and projections but what about the dream?

I started living my dream about two years ago. I opened a craft boutique in the heart of Texas. I literally decided that the life that I was living was no longer cut out for me, and we started living out the dream. I say we because I could not have done this without so much support from my family. I did not just wake up one day either, I did lots of planning beforehand, meticulous spreadsheet planning.  And, there have been lots of bumps and bruises along the way. But here’s the deal, the craft stores, while nice were only the start of the dream. In it all, in all the day to day, the minutiae, the problems, I felt like I lost the dream.

So, here’s my dream. My dream is to create a place where creativity and imagination can be fostered. A place where DIY meets Disney. A place where people gather to collect memories and have fun in the process. It’s finding the sparkle in the day to day. It’s inspiring those that need help finding their way. But, how can I help if I lost my own? That’s why I took the official step, I have written it down here for you.

And, thusly I ask you, what’s your dream and how have you prepared to live your dream?

So, today, I start and build once again on my dream.