Cutting and Using Siser EasyWeed Adhesive

Siser EasyWeed Adhesive is one of the most overlooked but versatile supplies out there. It is basically the glue used on the heat transfer vinyl (HTV) made into sheets that can be cut. There are 2 sides to the adhesive. The slick, shiny side is the carrier sheet. The cloudy more matte feel portion is the actual glue.

How to Cut

You can cut the adhesive with scissors or your cutter. 

For a cutter:

Make your design on your computer.

Be sure to mirror your image.

When placing it in your cutter, place the shiny side down, cloudy side up towards the cutting unit.



Cricut Explore

Paper +

Silhouette Cameo 2

Blade: 2

Speed: 8

Thickness: 8

Brother Scan N Cut

Blade: 1

Cut Speed: 1

Cut Pressure: 5

After cutting, weed the excess material with a weeding tool.


Tip: Use a dark colored paper (or anything that is black, dark blue/ purple) to place behind the adhesive once it is cut. It will help you see the cut lines in weeding.

To Press

Preheat your heat press to 275° F, Pressure Medium Pressure. Once up to temp, preheat your shirt for 2-3 seconds.

Lay down the adhesive (carrier side up). Cover with a cover sheet. Press for 5-10 seconds.

While leaving the shirt on the heat press, peel away the carrier sheet warm. You can see the shiny parts where the adhesive remains.

Using an Iron:  When using an iron, use the cotton setting. Press on a hard surface using a bit of pressure (not a folding table or ironing board.) Press and hold, pick up iron and move just a bit. Be sure to move it just enough so that the preceding steam holes are covered. If you see parts that are still opaque, repress. It is not hot enough. There is such a thing as too hot as glue will start to dissolve into fabric.

Uses for EasyWeed Adhesive

Instructions for Using 2 Step Foil with Easyweed Adhesive

Use it in embroidery, sewing and quilting as a fabric adhesive.