Terms and Glossary for Sublimation


Sheet with the design printed on it

Heat Tape

Tape that can withstand high heat without leaving unwanted residue 

Tacky Spray

Used in the same manner as heat tape, spray holds the position of the design onto the medium

Sublimation Printer

A printer that will print with sublimation ink


Continuous Ink Supply System, a retro fit/ hack for some printers to use with sublimation ink, may be a tank that replaces ink cartridge or may fit outside of the printer altogether

Blowout Paper

Paper used to soak up any ink that may leak onto other surfaces when pressing


Chemical process for converting liquid to a solid. In our case, dyeing a garment using special ink and high heat (and pressure)

Sublimation Paper

Special paper used for sublimation allowing more ink to be held in the paper to be released when the right temperature is added to it

Sublimation Ink

Specialized ink used in sublimation that will permanently dye particular substrates using heat

Infusible Ink

Term used by Cricut to define the sublimation process