Terms and Glossary for Cutting

Cutting Glossary and Terms

Carrier Sheet

Clear masking that is applied to vinyl. This may be applied by the manufacturer

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Vinyl that is applied with a heat source (i.e. iron or heat press)

Mask/ Masking

Using transfer tape to cover a design allowing a person to move it from one location to another

Permanent Vinyl

A term used to define vinyl that has glue that typically cannot be removed with water alone

Removable Vinyl

Vinyl that can typically be removed with water and a little scrubbing. Best for walls and such that need to be removed at a later time

Transfer Tape (Transfer Sheet)

A sticky adhesive used to move a design from one location to another maintaining the original design and spacing. Typically defined by tack (light tack, medium tack, etc)


A colored plastic coating that is adhered with glue. Glue is typically placed on vinyl by manufacturer. May be sticky adhesive or applied with heat, etc


Removing the excess materials typically after cutting a design

Weeding Tool

Hooks, tweezers and the like used to remove unwanted material (vinyl)

651 Vinyl

Brand name from Oracal, see Permanent Vinyl

631 Vinyl

Brand name from Oracal, see Removable Vinyl

Adhesive/ Sticky Vinyl

Vinyl with a sticky back that can be applied with pressure alone. Vinyl may be permanent or removable.


Brand name from Siser, see Adhesive Vinyl

Scraper/ squeegee

Used to apply vinyl by pressing down and smoothing out material in a uniform fashion


Machine used for precision cutting utilizing different blades, pressure and speed


Typically a larger machine used in commercial production, in this case, cutter used for precision cutting utilizing different blades, pressure and speed

Scalable Vector Graphix

Data that is stored in points, lines and pathways allowing the user to size (scale) an image without losing clarity. Typically for storing shape information not photo imagery


Convert a raster graphic to a vector graphic allowing the program to scale the graphic without pixelation

Printed Vinyl

Vinyl that goes through a specific vinyl printer. Vinyl printers are usually solvent, eco-solvent or latex.