Sublimation Garments

Hopefully you are familiar with the process of sublimation. (If not, see Intro to Sublimation). I have compiled a list of garments with at least a 50% polyester component. This list was not compiled to mean that all of these garments are preferable for sublimation rather it is a list of garments that have a polyester component that some have tried to sublimate. This is a living document and is not all inclusive.

Important Tips

Remember that viscose, rayon and spandex have a low melting point. Use of these garments could cause scorching and sublimation boxes. Tips and tricks on sublimating these garments coming soon!

Many of the heathered colors listed in a manufacturer’s list of all cotton will be a poly blend of some sort. These are typically at or less than 50% polyester but do provide some other options.

There are no sweatshirt options in this list because many sweatshirts have been pre-treated with a chemical that requires that you remove the chemical before sublimating.