Just go or start or whatever!

Different people have different hurdles when starting a project. Some have a problem planning, some have issues with fear and doubt, and I have an issue with perfection. I will work on something forever if I have the chance to get it perfect before moving along.


“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Business does not move at the speed of perfection. If everything had to be perfect before the stores opened, they would have never opened. I had to come to terms that I had to open and work on perfection and the dream.

Perfect to me would have been having every color to stock on the shelf the first day of opening (and keeping it that way.) Of course, I have to buy in bulk so I in dividing up, I only had enough money for maybe 20% of the color line. I had to buy in quantity  and at a minimum. So, in buying 20% of the colors, I would have excess of several without being able to buy the others, but I could start rolling the others in. And, that is what we did.

Side note and funny story: I had great intentions of purchasing white from a different vendor so I could try out a couple before deciding which one to choose. I forgot to make the purchase. We actually opened the stores with no white. White of all things! White sells 6x more than any other color out there. Some will not let me live that down. Perfect? I did not even have the most used color on the shelf!

This story is still as relevant today as it was then. When I walk into the store, I want things to be a particular way. Sometimes I am saddened because that is not the case. I want colorful inventory filling every shelf. While it is not that way yet, it remains a goal that we work towards every day.

Remember this as you work through your project or your business, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Just start and appreciate the journey.