Instructions for Using 2 Step Foil with Easyweed Adhesive

Items Needed:
• Adhesive
• Foil
• Computer, Design, Weeding Tool, Cutter, Mat
• Iron/ Heat Press
• Shirt

Take the weeded design and place on garment.  Preheat your heat press to 275° F, Pressure Medium Pressure. Once up to temp, preheat your shirt for 2-3 seconds.   Lay down the adhesive (carrier side up). Cover with a cover sheet. Press for 5-10 seconds.   While leaving the shirt on the heat press, peel away the carrier sheet warm. You can see the shiny parts where the adhesive remains.   Using an Iron:  When using an iron, use the cotton setting.Press on a hard surface using a bit of pressure (not a folding table or ironing board.) Press and hold, pick up iron and move just a bit. Be sure to move it just enough so that the preceding steam holes are covered. If you see parts that are still opaque, repress. It is not hot enough. There is such a thing as too hot as glue will start to dissolve into fabric.   Pick out your foil, cut it to size. (Hopefully, you have already done this step.)   Cover your design with your foil. (Design face up.) Don’t forget the cover sheet (teflon or parchment paper.). Press for 10 seconds. Remove the shirt, wait for it… Really, just wait a second, removing too soon could remove more of the foil. It’s like removing the pieces from the glue before it is dry. When foil is cool to touch, you can remove it. Some small pieces will be left behind on the sheet. But, it lends to the overall effect of the garment. Remember to let your garment “cure” for a day before washing.

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