FAQ for Cutting and Vinyl

FAQ for Cutting and Vinyl

Most frequent questions and answers

Typically HTV has a carrier sheet on the FRONT and it is a clear film. Adhesive vinyl has paper on the BACK. It is typically printed with the type or brand.

You can make your design different colors by using layers or printed vinyl with the design printed on it.

You can do as many layers as you desire. However, only 4 layers are recommended for HTV.

Permanent vinyl is not permanent per se. Permanent refers to type that is not easily removable with just water. If there is anything that is movable (wallpaper), it cannot will be permanently stuck to the vinyl.

Transfer tape allows you to move your designs from one space to another while maintaining the shape and spacing. It is typically used in adhesive vinyl and printed HTV.

You usually do not need heat transfer tape. The reason is that there is a carrier sheet on the heat transfer vinyl already. There are some specialized occasions that you may need it; therefore, you will see it as an option.

The carrier sheet typically protects the HTV from the heat press or iron. If you are doing multiple layers, you want to use a teflon sheet or parchment paper to protect the vinyl from direct exposure to the press.

There are a couple ways that you might be able to fix the HTV. First you can heat it back up and try pulling it off directly as you lift up the heating element. This requires skill, patience and some good tweezers. 

The second way is by purchasing vinyl remover (Albachem VLR). While this will eat away at the vinyl, it does not remove the glue as much. And, it will eat all vinyl that it touches so if it is layered or small pieces, be aware. It is toxic in more ways than one.

HTV should last at least 30 washes. This is the same amount of time a shirt should last before reaching a point that it might lose some integrity.

Adhesive vinyl typically has a rating that will give you an idea of how long it should last. Usually permanent vinyl will last about 7 years in mild conditions. Removable vinyl lasts about 3 years. Of course, they could last longer or shorter depending on the conditions.